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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 9, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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share. and he's back. coming up, the changes zoo officials made to keep rusty, the red panda, in his enclosure. welcome. i'm aaron gilchrist in for barbara harrison. it's fuse july 9th, 2013. breaking news or edward snowden. >> just getting reports from afp and russia that snowden accepted venezuela's offer of asylum. this started by a tweet of a lawmaker by the kremlin. he tweeted in russian just a little while ago. as to be expected, snowden has accepted venezuela's offer of asylum. it seems this was the most secure offer for snowden. e tweet has been deleted. we're keeping an eye on this. we're getting new information from nbc, we understand venezuela's ministry of foreign relation says they have no
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comment on whether snowden has accepted the offer of asylum. we'll get more information from you and pass this on. at the live desk. a d.c. community coming together to support a family after a tragic discovery. police are trying to figure out how a missing 7-year-old boy ended up dead inside a locked car. news 4 live. tony. >> not a lot going on here in the last few hours. behind me is the alley where the boy's body was found in a car. crime tape still up. i did have a chance to talk to the here. she is absolutely hard broken about how it turned out. police are still trying to put the facts together why it happened. >> the information out the boy was found two doors down. >> reporter: it's unclear what led michael clingsberry to an abandoned car, his body found by police a few feet away from his home after an intensive search.
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damien lives across the street. i spoke to him yesterday. some of his youth group were helping investigators look for michael. this morning all he could talk about was what could have been. >> everybody told me if they saw this little boy walking, they would have protected him. they would have kept him until his parents or someone came out. >> here in trinidad, neighbors came together to look for michael. many didn't know each other, searching whatever places they could access. now that the shock set in, many are just in disbelief. >> they are out in force looking for him. it's just a sad thing they overlooked it. >> we won't know exactly what happened to michael until investigators put the facts together. theally where they found him, still blocked off with police tape. aaron, as you mentioned, two big questions here. one, how did he make it in the car. two, how did investigators, as well as some of the folks out in the neighborhood, miss the little boy in the car. they are asking if anybody has any information, even if you just saw this little boy walking
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down the street, please contact the metropolitan police department. that's the latest. send it back to you. >> thank you. new this morning crews had to rescue a construction worker from 60 feet underground. he suffered a medical emergency. we caught the dramatic rescue on camera. this is african-american history construction site at 14th and constitution. you can see fire crews pulling the man from the bottom of the massive hole about 4:30. rescuers attached a basket to a construction crane to lift him out there. he apparently suffered from chest pains. well, if you are heading out for lunch this morning, there are lots of clouds to deal with. question is, do you need an umbrella. lets ask our meteorology. >> days one of those days you need to keep the umbrella handy. you could deal with light rain or sprinkles as you work throughout the day. otherwise, like you said, plenty of clouds across the area. here is a look at the reston town center camera, you can see for the most part, cloudy skies.
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afternoon, evening hours, there could be limited sunshine but today not a great pool day. storm team 4 radar tracking very light rain and sprinkles across the area in portions of prince george's county up around baltimore and back around the winchester area. very light in nature for the most part. a chance of isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. you can see light rain making its way over buoy right now. making its way throughout the day. scattered showers, hit or miss activity. then as we look to tomorrow and wednesday, some downpours are possible in the forecast but that will bring lower humidity to finish off the workweek. coming up in about 10 minutes, i'll have more details on what you can expect over the next seven days, aaron. >> malel we'll see you in a bit thanks. the pilot of flight 214 will face questions from investigators this morning. they are trying to pinpoint what
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caused the 777 to plummet just short of the san francisco runway. he's one of two pilots to be interviewed. the they know it was traveling until it dropped below the speed to lapped safely. it dropped to 103 knots. in just a few hours, the president of asiana airlines will arrive in san francisco. he'll meet with the flight crew, victims and ntsb. in this video you can see before he left south korea he apologized to the family of the two chinese teenagers killed in the crash. he met them at an airport in seoul and vowed to them. can you see one of the fathers visibly upset with yoon. they were head to do a summer camp. a bridge finally back open
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on rock creek in brandywine. 30 foot span washed out by flooding in hurricane. it took long to build, 70% of the $2.5 million project was paid for by fema. the new bridge is higher to try to avoid flooding in the future. things are back to normal after a water main break in did you -- dupont circle. service was disrupted for people who live and work in that area for quite sometime. one of the most talked about animals is back on display. rusty, the red panned ark is back in his cage. he gained notoriety when he escaped. megan live with rusty's return. >> you're right. rusty became quite a celebrity, a lot of buzz after his wild
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adventure. he's been out of the mix at the zoo, under wraps for the last couple of weeks. that's because when he was out and about they weren't sure what he ate. they weren't sure if he encountered rabid animals so they kept him at observation at the zoo's clinic. they have now given him a clean bill of health and he's back home in his enclosure. without much fanfare, rusty the red panda returned to his enclosure at the national zoo. his big escape and recent romp through adams morgan made rusty quite a celebrity. the party, it's over. while rusty is back home, there are some new rules. >> so the guy is grounded. >> kind of. he's been in his corner for a while and he's still grounded. >> no more night's out for rusty, at least not for a week or so. he'll be brought into the holding enclosure when the sun goes down and zoo handlers will be keeping a very close eye on him. there's also some changes to his
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crib. >> you can see the two honey locust trees here. they have been cut back considerably. >> tree limbs and bamboo are believed to have drooped in the rain and provided rusty his escape route. >> all the bamboo removed from that area. the new wall has gone up, this wood wall. all these trees have been trimmed. >> there are also some new wires that will give old rusty a little shock if he tries to make a run for it. visitors hope he sticks around this time. >> stay at home. you don't have to run away. you have your friend and you have all these cool rocks. >> reporter: rusty has been under observation at the zoo's animal hospital for the last two weeks. the experts say he's no worse for wear. he could, perhaps, use some marriage counseling. things got a bit tense with his mate, but then again rusty did leave her behind. now, with all the changes in his
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enclosure, the experts say they are really not noticing much of a change in his behavior. he's acting just as he did before his big adventure. of course, they are going to be keeping a very close eye on him. they do believe that the changes they have made to the enclosure will keep him inside. they are not expecting any great escapes in the near future. back to you. >> you might need to change his behavior. happy life, happy wife, is that how it goes? >> he ought to be nicer to her considering he left her at home and out at adams morgan all night. >> megan, thank you. >> sure. new today crime scene experts in florida trying to recreate what happened the night george zimmerman shot trayvon martin. >> i want to say thank you for the support. >> plus the women kidnapped and held for years in ohio just release add new video to
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right now a senate committee is discussing president obama's choice to become the next fbi director. jim is on capitol hill this morning. he could replace on the going director robert mueller. he told a senate committee fbi has to carefully balance government surveillance programs. >> i think director mueller has tried to strike that balance, and i would as well. the fbi has to do both, intelligence agency and crime fighting agency. >> he also confronted claims he once supported torture as an ber gagt technique saying he believes waterboarding should be illegal. he spent 15 years as a prosecutor and served as deputy attorney general under president bush. in the last 20 minutes egypt's interim president has named a prime minister and vice president. this comes as the white house
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says there are no plans to stop sending $1.5 billion to egypt, even though some members of congress want to withhold some or all of the aid package until the government is restored. the state department calls egypt's political polarsatiizat dangerous. they had as yet to call it a coup. the aid is in the best interest of u.s. security. right now president obama meeting with black members of congress to discuss a range of issues, the president and congressional black caucus set to discuss economic issues, immigration, health care reform and voting rights. this is the first time the group meets since the supreme court stripped a key part of the voting rights act affecting states with a history of racism. as of this morning all 43 members of the caucus were scheduled to attend. house speaker john boehner held a press conference just a few minutes ago on the president's health care law. here to talk more about that nbc deputy political he had kerr
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domenico montanaro. lets hear what he said, we've got a sound piece. listen to this and i'll get your reaction. >> by just delaying the employer mandate frankly isn't good enough. today we sent a letter to the president asking him to justify a delay in the employer mandate while leaving in place the mandate on individuals and families, because if businesses can get relief from obama care, the rest of america ought to be able to get relief as well. >> so it sounds like the speaker is saying what he's always said about obama care, as he calls it, saying it all needs to go. >> this the needle republicans like to be able to push to president obama and this administration, because this is the key thing they have been trying to fight since it was passed. so the employer mandate, which has been pushed off for small businesses, really because of all the forms and difficulty. it's 10 pages of instructions
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for small businesses to try to figure out how to even fill out the forms. so the individual mandates a little bit simpler to understand. you buy insurance or you pay a fine. that's it. you go on the health exchange that will be set up in october for those who are uninsured or don't have insurance through their companies, they would have to buy it starting in october for enrollment in january. >> the white house says never mind, we'll do it the way we're doing it. >> there's probably other things they wind up having to slow walk or push back because they know they are not getting any help on trying to implement this and they know it's very complicated. >> lets move over to the senate now. there's an effort by senate democrats to change some of the filibuster rules. >> yeah, this is very interesting. there have been a lot of nominees that president obama has put forward who have not won any kind of confirmation or even a vote.
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so what democrats right now are saying is we're going to float some of these national labor relations board people. they know republicans don't want them picked. that's going to trigger a broader fight on rules in the senate. and democratic aide tells me is the big reason for this, one, there are a lot of new members who just don't feel like they need to adhere to old rules of the senate rules gone. the other part of this, though, is the chuck hagel hearing. they felt like they had a deal with republicans that they wouldn't filibuster and they did and there's a real gap of trust there. that's why they want to push for this. again, when you're in the majority one time, you'll be in the minority later. so these kinds of things are sort of like a water balloon. you press one side and the other pops up. >> want to mention jim up for confirmation as next fbi director. likely to see any issues there? >> probably not. he's like by both sides for the
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most part. there's this very dramatic testimony he made about his confrontation with some bush white house officials when they tried to pressure john ashcroft to sign off on something that he said that he didn't want done. so i think that's engendered some trust from democrats, and there are some republicans who i think are probably willing to go along with this nomination. >> domenico, thank you so much. for more from domenico and nbc news team, check out first right now lucky kids have a date with the first lady, second annual kids state dinner. that event will recognize 54 winners from healthy lunch time challenge. it had them create a healthy, original lunch time recipe. the kids steak dinner starts at noon today. storm team 4 meteorologist is with us. some clouds looking thick.
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>> some containing light rain, sprinkle. i tweeted out what kind of weather? seeing sprinkles, cloudy skies. a local couple from the area taking their vacation in barbados. barbados is under tropical storm warning. while we're dealing with make light rain at least we're not there. i'll talk more about chantal in a little bit. right now talk about what we can expect for the rest of the day in the washington area. for the most part, mostly cloudy, limited sunshine later this afternoon into the early evening hours. are we going to break out in full sun, absolutely not. keep that umbrella handy throughout the day today. here on storm team 4 radar seeing light rain across the area and looking back to the area west of winchester and areas back to the west seeing more rain trying to make its way into the area. still, though, generally light in nature. just the chance we see an isolated thunderstorm or two this afternoon. for the most part we're just looking at scattered light rain
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and sprinkles, nuisance sort of precipitation, not making for a great pool day but is a great day to go for a run. here on the radar we'll be tracking this rain as it makes its way into the area. meteorologist chuck bell and veronica johnson in later this evening updating your forecast. right now we're at 80 degrees in washington, 79 in reston, 78 for those in rockville. a high temperature today of about 88. we'll hit that at 3:00 p.m. when we're still seeing cloudy skies and temperature of 88. 6:00 looking at partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies, temperature of 85 at this point. there's just a chance of a shower or isolated thunderstorm. look at what future weather does with our weather pattern. i tend to agree with it. working our way throughout the midday and early afternoon hours we continue to see scattered showers and light rain. getting into the later afternoon early evening hours, we are starting to look mainly dry across the area and starting to see a little more sunshine develop. overnight tonight we'll be mainly dry. tomorrow we're going to start
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off with some limited sunshine at 7:00 a.m. temperature of 76 degrees. a humid day. a high tomorrow of 91 degrees. a little bit warmer than today with some afternoon scattered showers and storms likely. tomorrow some downpours also possible. that could lead to areas of flash flooding, so we'll continue to keep an eye on the forecast for tomorrow. 7:00 p.m. tomorrow we're mainly dry with cloud/sun mix, still a mild 87 degrees. for our thursday the humidity it's still here in full force. a temperature of 87 degrees. mostly cloudy skies on thursday. a cold front moves through the area bringing with it better potential for more widespread rain, thunderstorms, and once again downpours are possible on thursday. that could lead to flash flooding. we're going to be keeping an eye on the weather tomorrow afternoon and throughout the day on thursday for some heavier rain making its way through the area. heading into friday, the humidity drops out of the air.
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it feels very comfortable, very nice. i think this is your weather, not too hot. 85 for a high, mix of clouds and sun, saturday, in the audiotaper 80s, clouds and sunshine. sunday, nice, a chance of shower or thunderstorm. high near 90, more humid. saturday and sunday two really nice days. >> perfect for me. thanks a lot. still ahead, a first in space history today and how the crew of the space station celebrated. plus the latest on the health of country singer randy travis. first, though, a look at [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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this just in at the newsroom.
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nbc told russia never told venezuela swepd edward spoken's offer. the report started after a tweet by a russian lawmaker. he tweeted in russian just a while ago, as to be expected, snowden has accepted snowden's offer for asylum. it seems this was the most secure offer for snowden. when asked where he got that information, he said he got it from russian tv. he since deleted the tweet. it's been reported by afp and russia today. again, we'll keep you updated as we get more information. at the news desk. the wife of secretary of state john kerry is listed in fair condition at a hospital in boston. doctors at massachusetts general say teresa heinz kerry suffered a grand mal seizure. heinz kerry is 74 years old and a breast cancer survivor. we're told secretary of state john kerry remains by her side. right now country singer randy travis is in critical condition in a hospital in
11:27 am
texas. his publicist says the 54-year-old grammy winner is suffering from a viral heart infection. right now -- teachers in one school district learning to shoot guns. coming up, a look at whether they plan to use their new skills on the job. >> i may have been through hell and back -- >> plus the positive message being shared by three women who lived through being kidnapped and held captive for years. cloudy skies right now. storm
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this morning the three women who were held captive at a house in cleveland are speaking out for the first time. it's been two months since amanda berry, michelle knight and gina dejesus escaped that house. more on why the women are now saying thank you. >> first and foremost, i want
11:31 am
everyone to know how happy i am to be home with my family and my friends. it's been unbelievable. >> going public for the first time and looking great. just girls when they were kidnapped, now young women taking the power back. first on the video, amanda berry. she gave birth while in captivity. that girl is now 6 years old. ariel castro, her accused abductor, is the father. >> i want to thank everyone who has helped me in my family through this entire ordeal. everyone who has been here to support us, it's been a blessing to have an outpouring of love and kindness. i'm getting stronger each day. having my privacy has helped immensely. >> it is a heartfelt thank you, a love letter to everyone who supported them. that's gina dejesus sitting next to her parents. she said very little, her spokesman asking questions off camera. >> gina, if you could say something to each and every
11:32 am
person out there who contributed money to your fund to help you, what would you say to them? >> i would say thank you for the support. >> and, of course, there's michelle knight. prosecutors say ariel castro got her pregnant, then forced her to miscarry. >> thank you, everyone, for your love, support, and donations, which helped me build a brand-new life. i just want everyone to know i'm doing just fine. i may have been through hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face and with my held held high. >> each woman and separately in the video shot july 2nd at a law office in cleveland. >> i don't want to be consumed by hatred. with that being said, we need to take a leap of faith and know that god is in control. >> as the girls speak out, ariel castro remains locked up, now
11:33 am
charged with hundreds of counts including kidnapping, rape, and murder. but this video isn't about him. not a single mention of castro or the house where prosecutors say he tortured them. >> i ask that everyone continue to respect our privacy and give us time to have a normal life. >> that was jeff rossen reporting. ariel castro's trial is set to start next month. we're following some breaking news out of tesk. melissa is at the live desk. >> i want to show you a live picture at the state house. lawmakers debating the bill in a special session that would restrict abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and require they only be performed in surgical centers. state center wendy davis filibustered a bill during a special session. you may remember last month thousands of anti-abortion protesters rallied last night. supporters wearing blue, opponents wearing orange. this bill is expected to pass. if it does, it would close all
11:34 am
but five abortion clinics in the state of texas now. still not clear when the state senate will vote. at the live desk, news 4. right now attorneys for george zimmerman are presenting their case. we'll find out sometime this afternoon whether the defense can use a computer reanimation of the night zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin. they spent the morning questioning the crime scene reconstruction expert who designed it. prosecutors object to the animation saying it's not an accurate depiction of events. the defense could wrap up arguments as early as tomorrow. zimmerman pleaded not guilty to second degree murder charges saying he shot martin in self-defense. george zimmerman has sued nbc universal, the parent company of this station for defamation. the parent company denies those allegations. it's a video that alarmed a lot of d.c. residents and spurred a police investigation. now the man who posted that controversial youtube video is speaking to news 4 exclusively. we first showed you this video last week.
11:35 am
that's adam. he says he took the video of himself july 4th loading a shotgun in freedom plaza. he says the video and shotgun are real. he says it's illegal to carry a gun anywhere in the district. the video was not just about protesting that fact. >> it's not about guns, it's about challenging authority in washington, d.c. it's a cause bringing people together from across the political spectrum. whatever your political orientation is, why would you want to be tied together in this giant collective that ends up serving special interests of politicians rather than the needs of people. >> he's been traveling the country raising support for what he calls the final american revolution. he's promising an open carry gun march on washington for next july 4th. >> we have very few people that have expressed displeasure at having an armed and uniformed resource officer present in the buildings.
11:36 am
now, the people you see here are teachers, teachers and staff in sidney, ohio, getting gun training. schools are working with the county sheriff's office noted to stop tragedies like the one at sandy hook from happening. sheriffs and teachers won't be walking around with guns. the sheriff says they won't be walking around with guns. instead those guns would be lcd away and only brought out in worst case scenarios. take a look at this blunt warning about swimming near great falls. the fire department says you swim here, you die here. they posted it on their sites. two people drowned. swimming not allowed between the gorge and falls because of the dangerous currents there. this afternoon, family, friends, other firefighters will attend a memorial service for the 19 firefighters killed battling that fire in arizona. it will happened at the toyota
11:37 am
center less than an hour from now. the men will be laid to rest at funerals throughout the week. vice president joe biden will be among the elected leaders there. u.s. honor fly will be as well. officers escorted that flag to arizona from san diego. the obama add manage is proposing to cut federal programs to prevent wildfires like the one in arizona. for the third year the administration is proposing to cut spending to clear away underbrush and smaller trees through controlled burns and tree cutting. the programs could prevent future fires from spreading quickly. new today for the first time, an italian astronaut did a space walk outside the international space station. the 36-year-old collected science experiments he will return to earth. he arrived at the station in may. he brought aboard some traditional italian food for his crew mates.
11:38 am
he shared lasagna and pesto. check with amelia, check on the forecast. she's moved outside on our weather deck. no raindrops? >> no raindrops. i just brought my little umbrella. that's all you need throughout the day today. just keep in handy in our studios in the northwest. we are dry. plenty of cloudiness across the area. storm team 4 radar you can see light rain and drizzle falling in portions of anne arundel, more activity back west towards winchester. as we work our way through the afternoon, we'll have scattered showers, hit or miss activity, isolated storms possible. as we head sbopt afternoon and evening hours, we could see limited sunshine develop across the area. skies could become partly sunny in some spots later today. a high temperature of 88. for tomorrow scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms are likely. some downpours are possible tomorrow, so we'll be keeping an eye on that. hot and humid, high of 91. for thursday rain is likely and
11:39 am
downpours possible on thursday. talking about tropical storm chantal. now, the tropical storm warning from barbados has been dropped with the most recent update as it is expected to impact puerto rico late tonight and continuing to pass over the dominican republic throughout wednesday evening into early thursday morning. we're going to continue to keep an eye on this tropical storm and how it may impact florida over the weekend. now coming up in a little bit a closer look as to what we can expect for our weekend here in washington. some good news, aaron, we're going to start to see humidity drop out of the air. i'll talk more about that in a little bit. >> looking forward to that. amelia, thank you. new this morning we're getting a look at flooding caused by torrential rain in canada. rescuers had to pull a boy from a flooded commuter train in toronto. they had to rescue several people trapped by rising water. a month's worth of rain fell in the span of four hours. the storm knocked out power for some 300,000 customers. right now firefighters have
11:40 am
the fire under control following that train derailment that damaged a small town in canada. emergency crews letting about 1200 people back into their homes in quebec near the main border. investigators trying to figure out whether an earlier fire on that same train set off a series of events that eventually led to the explosions and fire you saw there. at least 13 people confirmed dead. 50 people missing from saturday's accident. right now montgomery county police searching for a germantown man missing 36 hours. take a look at the screen. this is 36-year-old omar webster of he was last seen thursday night at whole foods in gaithersburg. he was last seeing wearing a gray v-necked t-shirt, blue jeans and gray sneakers. they are concerned about his mental condition. if you have information, contact police. >> came up behind me and i felt
11:41 am
it and started freaking out and swam as fast as i could. >> i bet he started freaking out. that guy was attacked by an alligator in florida. andrew hudson said the gator bit him on his head. this is why he was swimming in the forest. the 17-year-old fought back and swam away from the gator. hudson said he took off his shorts and wrapped it around his head. can you see that there. to stop the bleeding. that was until paramedics survived. his quick thinking probably saved his life. unbelievable story there. a new company is making twinkies. coming up, a change to the sweet tweet you won't notice for a very long time. plus, the hidden dangers of s
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11:43 am
11:44 am
this morning golden coral is speaking out after an employee claimed he found the chain food stores food near the trash. take a look at the video here.
11:45 am
it was taken at the restaurant in port orange, florida. you can see here it shows raw burger patties entrees, ribs, gravy, and food by a trash dumpster. it's against protocol. none of these items were served to a single customer. all were destroyed within the hour at the direction of management. the company said the manager of that restaurant has been fired. huber is employed by the restaurant by on paid leave. twinkies will be back in the grocery stores in less than a week and now they will last even longer in your pantry. i didn't know that was possible. apparently. hostess says the cakes would have a shelf life of 45 days. that's three weeks longer than the 26-day shelf life they had under the previous owner. the company isn't saying what changes are made to extend the shelf life but i thank you. i look at how your money is doing on wall street. stocks are up again this
11:46 am
morning. check in with cnbc's hampton pearson. >> stocks in a sweet spot, if you will, positive territory after alcoa kicked up start of the season with better than expected results. looking at the average, dow up 71 points, nasdaq up 17, s&p up 10. alcoa reported better than expected second quarter earnings monday based on strong demand for aluminum in autos and airplanes of the firm is often seen as a bellwether for overall economy. the stock is up more than 8% topping $1 now fallen back a little bit. wall street is looking back to earnings later this week from the big banks, jpmorgan chase and wells fargo both report on friday. here in washington, the international monetary fund has just issued its latest economic forecast. it predicts a slowdown in global growth because china, india, brazil, and russia are experiencing slower growth while the recession continues in europe. the imf economists also said the world is watching how our
11:47 am
federal reserve exits from its economic stimulus measures. there was also news from greece that it will get its next batch of bailout cash, $3.2 billion because progress is being made in reforming its government and finances. that was enough to keep world markets in positive territory as well. aaron, back over to you. >> hampton, thank you. today we're taking a look attribute treatments that could put your health at risk. dr. cheryl burgess is here with the dos and don'ts of looking good. we appreciate you coming in this morning. lets start with gel manicures. the concern there is not so much the gel but the ultraviolet light they use when they do this manicure. >> there was one paper published showing that someone developed skin cancer on the back of their hands. we don't know the true history on this patient that was in the published article. they could have had previous sun damage. so i guess a word to the wise is
11:48 am
if you get the gel nail applications for the nails and they have to be processed to wear sunscreen over the back of the hands. i think what we see in dermatology more is when they use the gel nails as far as allergic contact dermatitis. it's a very, very small incidence of skin cancer that has been reported with the ultraviolet light to dry the nails. >> so the issue with removing is -- >> is probably more common than we see the skin cancer, right. but either way you should, you know, protect your hands. you could put a close over the area or sunscreen. >> you would do it just like if you were going to the beach in terms of put it on ahead of time. >> yes, 30 minutes ahead of time. >> okay. lets move on to hair now. we're talking about the brazilian blowout. first, what is that?
11:49 am
second, what's the danger? >> it's kind of the new fad. people are getting their hair straightened by this keratin treatment. the keratin preparation needs to be put in solutional formulation. so they use a chemical called formaldehyde. the cdc and osha, there are certain regulations on how much exposure to limit as far as formaldehyde. it's usually .1 or .2% concentration. some of these preparations have over 11% of formaldehyde. you can see why there's a concern. more with the operators or technicians who put them in the hair. they can have irritation of the eyes and breathing passages. and so it's definitely outlawed, but they are seemingly to be slipping it into the hair products that we're seeing. >> you want to double-check that. >> double-check that. >> lipstick.
11:50 am
what do you need to worry about there? >> lipstick. there have been some indication of led levels, higher led and mercury levels on lipsticks. probably red lipsticks. that's probably the most popular color on women. they just did a survey and looked at a lot of lipsticks and believe it or not it was in there. we need concerned. there are governing bodies that monitor that but you never know. >> would you go so far as to discourage women from wearing lipstick? some women wear a gloss? >> no, red lipstick was from the beginning of time. you're not going to get women out of red lipstick. >> what we're talking about, skin and beauty, tanning is something a lot of people do. we need to be aware of what the risks are related to that. >> this time of year they are outdoors. in the wintertime they go to tanning beds. again, skin cancer, melanoma, increased risk, almost 75%. avoid the tanning booths and
11:51 am
beds by all means. >> just a few seconds left here. tattooing is becoming increasingly popular, the real stuff and fake stuff. >> when it's harder to see, women can't put their makeup on and get the permanent makeup tattoo. be sure it's a clean, sterile facility. you can get hiv, hepatitis transmission through tattooing. tattooing permanent makeup is just the same as tattooing a decorative tattoo on your arm, so you have to go to clean, sterile facilities. >> do your homework. >> do your homework. >> dr. cheryl burgess, thank you so much. time is 11:52. coming up, the importance of a set bedtime for children. plus storm team 4 plus storm team 4 mete[ dad ] ah! lilly.
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well, this morning the iconic washington monument. once again the talk of the town. this is why the national park service flipped the switch last
11:55 am
night bringing 500 lights on the monument's scaffolding to light. you can expect to see the monument lit up in the d.c. skyline for the duration of the repair. you'll remember the damage done by the east coast earthquake a few years ago. just go to sleep. a new study says enforcing a bedtime with your kids is the best thing for their brains. british researchers study the sleep patterns of 11,000 children. irregular bed times decreased test scores. it was significant in girls who didn't have regular bedtime at three, five, and seven. pediatricians say inconsistent sleep could undermine the brain's ability to acquire and maintain information. lets take a look at stories we're following on news 4. pat lawson muse in the newsroom with a preview of what's to come. hey, pat. >> hey, aaron. good morning. this video is simply shocking. a young woman hiring a hit man and arranging the murder for 
11:56 am
hire. it turns out she was arranging that murder for higher with a cop. it was all caught on camera. we'll show it to you today news 4 at 4:00. also, kids take over the white house. as we mentioned about 20 minutes ago, that is, first lady michelle obama is holding a state dinner for children. coming up tonight at 4:00 we will take you inside. join us beginning at 4:00 this afternoon. aaron. >> should be fun. pat, thank you. time now for a last check on our forecast this morning. amelia segal back inside with us. what do you say. >> warmed up 2 degrees since the start of midday, 82 degrees, high of 88. some. limited. some scattered showers and sprinkles. you need to keep the umbrella handy. for the evening hours around 6:00 p.m. into the overnight hours we'll be mainly dry. as we talk about tomorrow, some scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms are likely, about a 40% chance. any storms could contain heavy
11:57 am
downpours. high of 91, thursday, cold front moves in the area, better chance of widespread rains and storms. downpours possible on thursday. that could lead to flash flooding. we'll keep an eye on that. high temperature of 87. that front is going to bring comfortable air mass for friday and saturday across the area. two really nice days to look forward to. great weather and, of course, chuck bell will be in at 4:00 p.m. with the updates for what you can expect overnight tonight and tomorrow. >> we'll look for that. thank you. that is news 4 midday. be sure to tune in to news 4 tonight from 4:00 until 7:00 for all the day's news. back with you tomorrow morning at 4:26 a.m. for "news 4 today." until then, i hope you have a great day.
11:58 am
11:59 am
. [applause]. >> oh. welcome to "access hollywood live". billy is on vacation. say hello to my also friend. >> my little friend. >> michelle beadle. are you okay with your leg. >> no i captain figure out where you guys do this. this is weird. >> it's a low desk. i have a high chair. >> i have flash bac


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